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australian owned small business

19 years of holistic healing

Sacred Honey is an Australian family-owned and operated business. Launched in 2005, we have been Australia’s trusted source for 100% pure, authentic, raw Yemeni honey. Our journey into Yemeni honey was not one we ever imagined for ourselves, but once we experienced its powerful ability to heal, we were hooked, and just like our many customers, you’ll be too!


Our Journey into Yemeni Sidr Honey

Our Quest

Over 15 years ago we were blessed to experience Yemen’s rich, holistic land, and culture. While we were there, we had heard that Yemen was known for its honey, and of course, being homeopathic healing enthusiasts and natives to the esteemed manuka honey, we wanted to know more!

Thus, our quest began.

The Crown of Purity

The truth is, we were a bit biased as we embarked on our quest to know more. Manuka honey is one of the best in the world, we figured it would be hard to beat that. But… we were blown away to learn that there is no other honey as closely connected to the powerful healing benefits of Manuka than Sidr honey. In fact, Yemeni Sidr honey actually exceeds in comparative benefits!

Through firsthand experience, we realized the difference!

The Process. The Air. The Land. The Source. It’s all different from Manuka!

Yemeni honey, from a generational beekeeper, is unadulterated in its entirety, with benefits one cannot deny.

People ask us, “Why go through all that effort of securing and importing raw Yemeni honey when you live in the land of Manuka?!”

It wasn’t an intentional venture, it just sort of came together in the perfect storm…

A motorcycle accident in Yemen shook us to the core. Blessed to escape death, it caused severe cuts and abrasions on the skin that became infected. Experienced medical doctors at the hospital in Yemen prescribed Sidr honey as a treatment. It seemed strange, yet almost mystical. But we did it, and it immediately soothed the skin. The cuts healed beautifully with minimal scarring, without the use of anything else.

We quickly learned why locals are so confident in their honey, and it’s not because of their loyalty and hard work, but it’s because it works to the point of going from ill to well. We sent some to friends that asked for more, and we soon realized after we left Yemen that we wanted more too!

It’s prized honey for a reason, and we wanted access to 100% authentic, pure, raw Yemeni honey. The only way to fully ensure we’d get that was to do it ourselves, so we did, and Sacred Honey was born!