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australian owned

Australian grown Black Seed Oil

Our premium Black Seed Oil is made from 100% Australian grown and pressed black seeds, cultivated with meticulous care in the tropical region of Far North Queensland. Cold-pressed, it retains its natural levels of TQ, THQ, and THYMOL for maximum potency and quality.

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Australian owned, grown and pressed Black Seed Oil.
Australian grown Black Seed Oil Sale price$28.00

Treasured across cultures & revered by ancient civilizations.

“hold onto the use of the black seed for in it is healing for all illnesses except death.” Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Free from any contamination or chemicals.

Nestled in the heart of Mareeba, these dedicated Australian farmers cultivate and press their black seeds on their own farm, ensuring the highest quality and purity in every drop.

Customer Reviews

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Yasemin Deniz
Highly recommend it

Please please buy this by the 3rd day of taking it my energy levels have spiked and I just feel really good. I take a spoonful with the sidr honey on an empty stomach love it

Love the dropper!

I bought this with my jar of Sidr honey and am very impressed with the packaging, especially the dropper lid. It's so convenient to use. I love the fact it's Australian grown and pressed, makes it easy to trust.